Layaway Payment Plan

What is layaway? Layaway allows you make flexible payments towards a purchase, in payment installments as you see fit. Once the entire balance has been paid in full your purchase will ship.

How is layaway different from financing? Financing requires that you complete a credit application (with a credit check), and if approved you pay the purchase amount + any interest and service fees. Financing will require you to make minimum payments within a specific timeframe. If financing is approved for your purchase, your goods will ship immediately.

Unlike financing, layaway requires no credit or income check, no line of credit, and no additional interest fees. With our flexible layaway payment terms, you decide how much to pay and when, but you do have to wait until the full balance is paid off to receive the goods.

Our layaway policy:

Total purchase must be $500.00 or greater.

No minimum payments or payment schedule required (pay as little or as much as often as you like). Since we do not ship until it is paid in full, you can make payments at your convenience.

We do not charge a layaway fee and you can cancel and request a refund of payments made at anytime. But, we will withhold a 15% processing fee from all payments refunded to cover our operating expenses.

The price of goods is subject to change at anytime. If the retail price increases, this will be added to your outstanding balance. We will alert you to any upcoming price increases as soon as we become aware (to give you a chance to pay off your balance before the increase!).

Layaway payments can be made via Visa, MasterCard, check, money order, debit card, or bank wire payment. Each and every time you make a payment (or there is a price change), we will send an email with your current balance to ensure everyone is always on the same page. Once the balance has been paid in full your goods will be shipped!

Online purchase is not available. Layaway purchases and payment must be made by phone, mail or email.

For more information about our layaway program, please give us a call at 1-877-313-0200.