Sephra Belgian Milk Chocolate - Fountain Ready Fondue (20lb case)

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Sephra's Belgian Milk Fondue Chocolate is specially formulated couverture chocolate designed for use in chocolate fountains, eliminating the need for adding oil or mixing extra ingredients. This creamy milk chocolate is guaranteed to produce the smoothest, richest, most beautiful, and most delicious chocolate fondue experience you can imagine! Sephra Belgian Chocolate by Callebaut boasts the intensely rich chocolate flavor and aroma that makes Belgian chocolate the most sought-after chocolate in the world. Deliciously rich and sweet, Sephra's Belgian Milk Chocolate is the perfect chocolate for anyone with a "sweet tooth" and is specially formulated to provide a flawless cascading curtain of smooth, rich chocolate, WITHOUT the addition of vegetable oil or extra cocoa butter.

Made in Belgium from all natural ingredients and kosher certified. Contains no hydrogenated oils or substituted vegetable fats. No extra ingredients needed - Chocolate fountain ready. Sephra's chocolate fountain chocolate is conveniently packaged in 2 lb bags for portion control and for better product shelf life.

This imported chocolate is absolutely the BEST fondue chocolate available! No need to add oil! Easy to melt in microwave!


Fountain ready
No need to add oil
Easy to melt in the microwave
Works perfectly in commercial or home use chocolate fountains
Use in your fondue pot! Great for baking too!


38.5% Cocoa Solids
Imported from Belgium
All Natural Ingredients
Kosher Dairy
Gluten free
Trans fat free


20 lb case contains ten (10) 2lb microwavable bags.

Additional info

Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla. Minimum Cocoa 38.5%. May contain traces of nuts and milk proteins.

Allergy information: May contain traces of nuts and milk proteins. Kosher dairy. Gluten free.


Chocolate Melting Notice: Exposure to warm climates during transit and delivery may cause your chocolate to arrive soft or melted. Please rest assured that this does not change the quality, or usability of the chocolate. To use the melted chocolate, simply re-melt the chocolate and use as normal. Store chocolate in a cool, dry place, do not freeze or refrigerate.

If chocolate has softened and re-hardened, you may notice slight discoloration on the surface. This is due to a natural process known as blooming where the cocoa butter / oil rises to the surface of the chocolate. Blooming does not affect the appearance or quality of the chocolate once it is remelted.